Voice of the Enemy

The odds for win totals have been officially released by the Vegas odds makers. The Chargers are at nine in a half. I personally would take the over on this, seeing as how they won nine last season one can only imagine they will improve. if the team manages to stay fairly healthy like they did last season (knock on wood) then they will have not only the additions of this off-season and draft but also last seasons first and second round pick. Mike Williams who was the number seven overall pick last season has the capability of becoming a great wide out however dealt with a herniated disk last season and hardly saw the field. Forrest Lamp who was largely regarded as the best offensive lineman prospect last season was selected in the second round and considered a steal, tore his ACL in the pre season and never saw the field. This season the team absolutely stacked the defensive unit through the draft. With all these additions added to an already nine win team one can only believe the sky is the limit and taking the over on 9.5 would seem like a safe bet…..on paper at least.

Lets get the take on other team’s fans to see what they think. It may be unbiased due to no emotional attachment or more biased due to hate/ despise.


Dereck, a 49ers fan say’s he thinks the chargers will hit the over on the 9.5 along with the over for his own team which is 9. The margin set for San Francisco is a bit high in my opinion but obviously the addition of Richard Sherman and belief in Jimmy G has fans oozing with optimism, so much so that Dereck even wagered a 100 bet with me on the regular season game Chargers vs 49er’s.

Robert who is a Ram’s fan also say’s he thinks the Chargers will hit the over. He also say’s he thinks the Ram’s on paper are stacked with the additions of Cook’s and Suh. Robert think’s both team’s had a good off-season however feel’s the Eagles had a great off-season as well and that any team is going to have a hard time topping the defending world champs.

Danny a Raven’s fan say’s he think’s his team will reach it’s over (8) “they got new weapon’s at wide receiver and Joe’s got competition now at QB so he’s gonna play like he has a fire under his ass!” He loves the signing of Crabtree and believes he is a great deep threat to have. Danny think’s he is the best wide out they have had since Anquon Boldin. He says of the Charger’s that they will win less then 9 games due to the lack of any kind of big splash made this off-season. I obviously disagree on multiple thing’s here as i believe the team didn’t need to make a splash in free agency but rather continue to build through the draft which they did. Also i’d have to say Michael Crabtree is over rated and is more worried about someone taking his chain. Everyone has a different opinion.

Joe who is a fan of the Arizona Cardinals says the Chargers will the 9.5 mark but be right at 9. this is probably more of a product of what i mentioned with Danny, the fact they didn’t add much. Joe went on to say that he think’s the Card’s will hit the over on 5.5 wins easy. I have to say that i highly agree with him on that. The return of David Johnson and adding Rosen and Kirk through the draft has Joe excited as the Arizona organisation isn’t know for trading up much.

Ive spoken to several, and i do mean several Raiders fans. The response that seems to be a common theme is that the Raiders are stacked at receiver now with the addition of Martavious Bryant and Jordy Nelson. One specific Raider fan Ali when asked about the over under they all just say they are going to win the super bowl. When asked about the over for the Chargers they just say screw the “chokers” and a few that say under 9. The irony of this all is this is fairly typical of Raider fans. I love the enthusiasm but come on guy’s. So much hate.


All in all nobody can wait for the season to start and per usual everyone , no matter what team they root for is optimistic about their dog in the race.