Keys to success: Patriots

After long but much needed week off the Chargers are back. The squad returns more healthy than they have been in a few weeks (Assuming Ekeler plays?). This time they take on the kings of clam chowder, the New England Patriots. The Chargers have a long history of loosing to Bill Belichick and none worse than last years 45-0 ass whooping. Let’s take a look at some things that can be done to prevent this from happening again.

Take away Mac Jones down field options
The Chargers struggles against the run are well documented, yet the pass defense has been effective. They give up an average of 201.8 passing yards to opposing teams which is the 5th best in football. While Mac Jones has been heating up lately, going over 100 passer rating two weeks in row. It dosnt seem as impressive however, when you consider the level of competition. Cough cough the Jets. If they can take away the tight ends he loves to rely on than it puts pressure on him to target his outside weapons. Derwin theoretically should be tasked to cover the tight ends and rightfully so. He has only allowed a pass rating of 63.3 on the season. They can also help take away the pass game with their pass rush. The Chargers as a team have 13 sacks in the last 6 games and the 6th best pressure rate %. Combine this with the fact that the Patriots offensive line has given up 14 sacks in the last 7 games and it’s very possible that they can make the Patriots offense one dimensional.

Stop the run
This is the most obvious one here. The Chargers are dead last in yards given up per carry (5.5) and dead last in rush yards allowed per game (162.5). This makes taking away the pass game so much mire important as it will allow the defense to que in on the run. Damion Harris has been red hot lately and is top 5 in yards after contact which should scare Bolts fans the most. He also averaged 7.6 yards per carry last week against the Jets. I refuse to believe the god damn Jets have a better defense than the Chargers. (Big Daddy reference)

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  1. Dude we gotta get this win ! Because it represents a LOT of different things if we lose not to mention leaves the damn Raiders in sole possession of 1st ??? And if we get ran outta the stadium …I’m gonna have to Rock a Pats T and say they’re they’re the best !! Do Justin ..Derwin..Coach… PLEASE DO NOT LOSE !!

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