Sub plot watch: several minor storyline’s developing

What better way to wash away the bad taste of last week? Well that would be by no other way than by taking down the defending two AFC champions who also happen to be division rivals. You could not of wrote it any better. Last week week I did a sub plot piece. In essence it’s just something’s that I’ve picked up on that I want to share with you guys so that you can see how it plays out as the season progresses. Hence Sub plot watch. This is by no means a game break down or play by play because this week it’s been talked about until exhaustion and rightfully so.
This week I want to point out a few things that I have yet to hear be mentioned this week. Some are not as big of a deal as others and yet they are all worth keeping an eye on moving forward.

• Stephen Anderson is the preferred fullback in the redzone. While everyone acknowledges Gabe Nabers as the starting fullback it was hard for me not to notice that Anderson received more playing ( 14 snaps to Nabers 9). Naber had the bulk share at the beginning of the game but then as time wore on and the offense reached redzone opportunities, the opportunities went to Stephen Anderson. At this point its hard to tell if Anderson is the preferred fullback in the redzone or maybe Staley just prefers him in must have run blocking situations.

• Drue Tranquill played the most snaps that he has seen in the young season. This of course was at the expense of Kenneth Murray. Murray was obliterated by rookie guard Trey Smith. Smith who is a mammoth of a man essentially pile drived him through the ground. Afterwards Tranquill saw the bulk share of snaps. The grand total ended up Murray with 40 snaps and Tranquill with 34. The result was Excel as Drue had himself quite the day with 8 tackles. This is a sub plot to keep an eye on as one has to wonder if this is because Murray was injured on the play against Smith or if he is simply falling out of favor with head coach Brandon Staley.

• In order to keep the defensive line fresh and productive, Staley is taking the all hands on deck approach. Every defensive lineman (edge & interior) played a fair share of snaps. This in turn helps guys stay as productive as possible in short spurts. To out things in perspective the 5th defensive tackle on the depth chart  Eric Banks racked up 12 snaps. This was the lowest snap total of all defensive lineman. It will be interesting if this approach manages to maintain success upfront. Justin Jones is likely to return soon as well.

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