Keys to victory: chiefs part 1

Rivalry season is upon us. Week 3 presents probably our biggest rivalry as of late. Yes, that probably is because of their recent success. This is also one that will likley see two high level quarterbacks battle it out for years to come. Both teams are coming off of gut wrenching losses and both will be desperately wanting thus win. This week on keys to success we are keeping it real simple. I’m going to only do 1 key. Why you ask? Well that’s because I believe this is the ONE key that will matter most.


Last week the Chargers only ran the ball 14 time’s. This was even more surprising considering how much success they had. Ekeler had a 6 YPC average and Justin Jackson had a 5.4 YPC average. Now the most important thing about running the ball 25+ times is that if you do it successfully it keeps the KC offense on the sideline. One has to assume that the defense will get a stop here and there as recent history shows the Chargers do well against the KC offense. What better way to heat an offensive juggernaut than by keeping them on the sideline as long as possible. The running game extends to Herbert as well. Last week Lamar Jackson ran all over the KC defense. He compiled 107 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Now Herbert is the same level of athlete but he is much more than capable of putting up similar number if the opportunities are present. Rather than leaving it to chance you can even draw up a few.

On the defensive side Hill only had 14 yards. So expect the team to have watched and game planned a similar script. If I had to put a second key to victory it would be out linebacker’s against Trais Kelce.

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