Keys to victory: Cowboy’s

After a nice week 1 win the Chargers look to build some momentum by going 2-0. They face the Dallas Cowboy’s who they have not faced since the thanksgiving day beating they gave them in 2017. In order to have a repeat or similar outcome let’s take a look at week 2’s keys to success.

Keeping Zeke in check
We all know the weakness of the Defensive unit is the run defense. That dosnt bode well when facing a team with a hard nose runner like Elliot. Last week against Washington the Bolts gave up 4.7 yards a carry for a total of 126 yards on 27 attempts. It also doesn’t help that Justin Jones will be out this week. Christian Covington will get more playing time and he had the highest run stopping grade on the team with a 71.6. However, Ezekiel Elliot hasn’t exactly been himself either. He had his struggles last year with consistency and fumbles. Last week he didn’t get off to a great start either with a total of just 33 yards and 3.0 yards an attempt. That of course was against arguably the best front 7 in Tampa Bay. It will be interesting to see what gives in this department.

Neutralise the DB mismatches the Chargers have
Dak Prescott was able to put up just over 400 yards through the air and 3 touchdowns against the defending world champs. The Cowboy’s present some significant size mismatches on the outside. Last week they only gave up 1 pass over 20 yards and will like to build off that hut this week could be difficult. The biggest corner is Michael Davis who is 6’1″ 195 pounds. His match up is the least uneven and will face a 6’1″ 215 pound Amari Cooper. Cooper is a physical specimen and it will be very difficult to jam him on the line in order to slow him down. Not to mention he is also a 4.4 speed guy. Davis had a 56.7 coverage grade last week against a much smaller wide out. Although often times a bigger corner has an easier time with a big bodied receiver. Neither Chris Harris Jr nor Michael Gallup will play this week so we will over look this position in theory. The biggest mismatch is also the biggest test so far in the young career of Asante Samuel Jr. As he is 5’10”  183 pounds going against Ceedee Lamb who is 6’3″ 200 pounds. This is a matchup the Cowboy’s will likley try to exploit but knowing how Asante carries himself, I’m sure he relishes the idea of proving people wrong. If Samuel can hold Lamb in check then the sky truly is the limit for Asante.

Offensive line needs a repeat performance
On paper Herbert should be able to torch the Dallas secondary. The offensive line held very well against a ferocious defensive line where 3 of the 5 starters didn’t give up a single pressure. Combine that with the fact that the Dallas defensive unit came up empty in the pass rush department and it makes for a very winnable matchup. Dallas last week not only had 0 sacks last wee but they only were able to even get a hand on Brady twice all game. This week they will be without their best pass rusher Demarcus Lawrence.

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