Sub plot watch: Kyzir White

For anyone who closely follows their favorite football team, or any team for that matter, knows that over the course of a season several individual sub plots take place. Well after week one I think I have one that we should all keep an eye on. This is about Kyzir White.

There was very high hopes for Kyzir after his small sample sized rookie season. Injuries of course cut it short in week 3 when they faced the Rams. Since then it has been a bit lack luster for the converted DB. More notably in the tackling department, which turns out is a big part of being on defense…go figure.

During week 1 against Washington Kyzir was the starting weakside linebacker. I have to admit he looked very good. He even graded out with a 92 overall run defensive grade. However, upon further review he also had a 29 overall tackling grade. I was a little confused by this at first but it actually makes perfect sense. He diagnosis plays quickly and swarms to the ball even quicker and his anticipation seemed to be sharp. After all he used to be a safety so it makes sense. This is where the run D grade is so high.

He did unfortunately miss two tackles that went for big chunk yardage. This is something that has plauged him so far in his career and this is where the 29 run D grade comes from. The sub plot to keep an eye on here is not only if this will continue but if it does how long will the coaching staff allow it before they yank him for Drue Tranquill? Kyzir is probably the better athlete so here is to hoping he can solve the tackling issue because this is a better team when he is at his best.

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