Draft hypothetical: what if all top targets are gone

Draft hypothetical: in case of emergency…

So much talk has been made of who to take at 13. Some want a top tackle to finish up an offensive line rebuild, while others would rather a defensive player in the first and would rather wait on a tackle. Should we trade up for Sewell? Surely if we stay put either Slater, Horn, Parsons, and Pitts will still be there right? What if they aren’t though? This is something that could present some last minute panic leaving the countdown of uncertainty before that draft card gets turned in. This could feel like a bit of an emergency situation some would even say. So, instead of pulling a fire alarm so to speak, we simply pick up the phone and make a few calls. It should go a little something like this.

More than likely any particular GM has an idea of who they would call in case they need to trade back, which is what the Chargers should do in this ‘particular situation’. You want to go back but not too far back. I would identify Arizona at pick 16, Miami at 18, and Washington at 19 as potential trade back partners. This is ideal because the prospect I would be targeting is offensive tackle Samuel Cosmi. As it would turn out Indianapolis has a high interest in Cosmi because of his extreme likeness to Anthony Castonzo who just retired. Naturally, Indy would feel this would be the logical replacement for Castonzo so you want to stay ahead of that 21st pick. Theoretically, if the Chargers can pull this off they pick up an extra 3rd round pick and a 2nd round pick for next year. Ideally, if you could snag a 2nd for this year that would be great but receiving compensation for both this year and next just to move back a handful of picks is fair enough. Especially when you consider that you still get a top offensive tackle in this class and now having extra picks to play with to potentially either make more draft day trades or simply just load up.

At this point you then would have two main options. You could either stockpile as many players as you can with your extra picks knowing that a left tackle is secured. I mean afterall depth is deeply needed at several positions including ones that aren’t considered top needs. Then there is the other option which is to play your hand and use the extra picks to your advantage. Last year the Chargers decided to trade up to get back into the 1st round. We could easily do the same again this year while still allowing ourselves to still have selections in round 3. When I think of doing this I have a guy in mind like Asante Samuel Jr. This then allows you to address the top two needs of the draft and allow yourself to then simply go off of best available the rest of the way. This isn’t typically a route Telsco would take but the last couple of off-seasons he has gone against the grain a bit. Telescoe is in the last year of his contract so now would be the time to make his move.

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