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After endless hours of contemplating and self debating about what the best possible situation for the Chargers could look like in the draft, I’ve come to 1 conclusion. That conclusion is that there isn’t a whole lot they could do that would upset me. With 9 picks spanning over 7 rounds the endless different combinations of what positions get selected in what rounds can be a tiresome thought process. Truth be told the Chargers are lucky in the fact that the positions that seem to be the deepest this year are the very same positions the Chargers need. So it seems there is a “right answer” at certain positions in almost every round.
Since there are so many different combinations of scenarios that could play out I’m breaking this in to two separate articles. Both will present 3 different perspectives. First we look at how the draft could play out if they draft an offensive tackle at 13.

Zach’s perspective

Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern;
In my opinion Slater is the second best offensive tackle in the draft and his 2019 tape against Chase Young proves that. In fact, the only pressures and single sack he had that game were against Northwestern’s right tackle and not Slater. Not to mention that Slater didn’t allow a single sack all season that year. The only real knock on him is his size. He stands at 6’4″ but it’s the arm length that is more of a concern at just 33″. Left tackle is a position in which length is valued highly.

Eric Stokes CB Georgia;
Stocks is very much a “potential” pick in my opinion. He has every physical trait you look for in the position but has yet to put it all together. At 6’1″ 195 pounds to go along with a 4.25 40 yard dash and a 38.5 inch vertical, Stokes very much looks the part. Problem is the laps in coverage in game. Now to his credit the SEC receivers are legit but that’s likely the level of competition he will see week in week out at the next level. He could work out well in Staley’s more man to man scheme though as his man to man coverage grade was higher (81) compared to his overall coverage garde (73.4). This pick could very well be Stokes’s team-mate Tyson Campbell.

Marvin Wilson DT Florida State;
Wilson is a player who was a sure fire first rounder last year and pre season top 15 projected pick. Unfortunately for him after a down year he is projected now as a second or third rounder. With a new defensive minded head coach and the need at the position, the Marvin pick makes all too much sense. Especially when you consider the fact Linval and Jones are on the last year of their contracts. It’s hard to knock anyone in a whacky 2020. Wilson is a very powerful man at 6’4″ 303 pounds. In 2019 Wilson had 44 tackles, 8.5 for a loss, and 5 sacks. Wilson could easily establish himself as one of the best run stoppers the Chargers have had up front in years.

Kendrick Green G Illinois;
Here the Chargers continue to completely rebuild that offensive line and select probably the most underrated interior offensive lineman in the draft. At 6’2″ 306 pounds green is a monster in the run game. His pass blocking could use some refining but should be a good clean prospect in a year or 2.

Kary Vincent Jr CB LSU;
Vincent is probably one of the more overlooked corners this year due to an opt out year and his 5’9″ height. He was LSU’s best defensive back during their title run and also boasts a 4.38 40 yard dash to help make up for lack of height. Vincent would likely take over the slot corner role after Harris is gone next year. Due to what the position group looks like at the moment it might be smart to double dip at the position.

Patrick Jones II defensive end Pittsburgh;
The Chargers need depth at the defensive end positions and in year one Jones would offer not just that, but with a year of development he could potentially be starting material. With 9 sacks, 5 QB hit’s, and 23 QB hurries in 2020, Jones is a very underrated pass rusher. He could be bigger at 6’4″ 260 pound but it’s not exactly small either. Most notably to go along with those pass rush number is a 92 overall run stop grade. Jones is a high motor guy any coach would love.

Tommy Tremble Tight end Noter Dame;
Tremble isn’t a great route running tight end despite his athlethic prowless and great success with yards after catch. In fact, so much so, that his average route ran came at 3.5 yards down field. He is considered a great run blocking tight end though, especially on the move. Tremble could prove to be a great full back/ tight end hybrid.

Sadarius Hucherson G South Carolina;
Compared to Green who is capable of playing center as well, Hutchinson is a pure guard. Lots of mass and power to be thrown around. He managed 36 reps on the bench press of 225 pounds. He is very explosive in his get off and getting to his blocks. His technique is average and that’s likely why he will go later in the draft. Still, a year of coaching could help refine that.

Brady Breeze S Oregon;
Standing 6’0″ 196 pounds, Breeze seems like a guy who has been slept on his whole life. Guy isn’t very big and isn’t an user athlete like people expect out of a free safety. However, Breeze has great instincts and awareness though. He has two interceptions and 4 forced incompletions along with a 86.9 coverage grade. The team needs some competition at the position and worst case scenario he can help revamp the special teams units.

Clays perspective

The Los Angeles Chargers had a pretty decent off season so far. Hitting the interior offensive line hard with the signings of Matt Feiler and Corey Linsley. Retaining a key piece in the secondary in Michael Davis. However the Chargers still have work to do and with around roughly two weeks or so until the draft all eyes are on the 13th overall pick. 

 I outline a total of 3 major needs, them being OT, EDGE, and CB. A couple of other needs are IOL, S, TE, and IDL. I don’t go in order specifically. I rather go by value at each draft position. I try my best to hit each position of need and with this year having more than 7 picks helps.

Pick 13th overall Christian Darrisaw, OT Virginia Tech.

With 5 QBs off the board and the two key OTs off the board as well I still value Christian Darrisaw very highly. Yes he isn’t Penei Sewell nor is he Rashawn Slater however he is still a very high end tackle with a high ceiling. This team is on the cusp of becoming very competitive in this league and an offensive tackle to take care of our million arm ups that percentage of becoming competitive. 

Per PFF he is the highest graded power five run blocker locking in a 94.5 PFF grade, as well as allowing 0 sacks and 0 QB hits the entire 2020 season. Chris Simms has even said that Christian Darrisaw is his number two offensive linemen behind Penei Sewell this year. High praise. His 2020 campaign was just elite like said earlier he had a 94.5 run blocking grade along with a 90.8 pass blocking grade in total seeing a 95.6 PFF grade. 

Christian Darrisaw has a foundation to become a very good offensive tackle and there is no doubt in my mind he has the ability to step into the fire from day one. To be able to keep Herbert for a long time we must preserve and extend his career as long as we can. 

Pick 47th overall Joe Tyron, EDGE Washington

Joe Tyron is an insane athlete. Standing at a towering 6’4 and weighing 251lbs maybe needs to gain a bit more but still a very impressive build. Off the line of scrimmage he is seen to either attack the outside shoulder of the tackle and work with speed to close into the QB or just use leverage and side inside the tackle for an easy sack. Tyron is carrying a set of tools to be able to prepare him to become a menace to tackles at the next level. We have even seen Tyron play off the line and into coverage before seeming like another linebacker. I can’t get the quote that coach Staley said about EDGE players and not think about Joe Tyron, Tyron is an EDGE player and more he provides versatility which is convenient in a Staley defense. 

I also mentioned how this pick helps the secondary, it really does. The pressure that could be amassed with not only Bosa but now Joe Tyron is going to make a DB cover a WR in a short amount of time and also could see some errid throws being turned into picks. Pressure is key and we bring the boom on this pick. 

Pick 77th overall Richie Grant, S UCF. 

Richie Grant is a versatile piece that could revive this secondary with a heavy impact not just this year but in the years to come. Mostly a free safety however could be able to perform in the box and maybe even corner. 

Richie Grant has the ability to be a single high safety and cover two zones. His insane ability was on watch during his time at UCF. He can flip the field so well that opposing QBs had to rethink twice when throwing the deep ball. I also see a lot of what Nasir Adderely was bringing to the table when he was at Delaware however in my opinion Grant does it better. The pick is going to also give Derwin James ease in coverage while still being able to give him a commanding presence on the defense. Grants main problem is tackling which is a downgrade to what we kind of had in Rayshawn Jenkins. His development could lean him into a more sound tackler though. 

Richie Grant is a very good safety. I took him before a corner here because he was simply the best available defensive back overall. His development is in safe hands though under a Brandon Staley coaching staff and himself. 

Pick 97th overall Trill Williams, CB Syracuse. 

Very physical is what comes to mind when watching Trill Williams. He’s a heat seeking missile who is always trying to go for the boom hit. His personality and play style is something well needed and in this Chargers roster. 

We already have Derwin James who can lay a big hit but another aggressive defender added to lineup is deadly. My belief is that the cornerback position struggled with tackling last year I recalled a lot of missed tackles when backs would swing outside. Trill Williams would be looking to patch things up when it comes to tackling. His aggressiveness isn’t alone in his set of tools he adds in very good man and zone coverage skills being able to stick to his specific WRs and not let go. His versatility is much needed in a Staley defense. His size is also very favorable standing at 6’2 198lbs. I could see Williams fade from outside corner to box safety depending on what Staley or Rolando Hill would like to do. 

His only knock is maybe his aggressiveness can get too out of hand but it’s always well needed. He would be more of a developmental piece this isn’t a pick to effect 2021 it’s a long term pick to solidify an aging DB group with youth.

Pick 118th overall Anthony Schwartz, WR AU. 

I was tempted to go for Auburn’s other WR in Seth Williams however the speed of Schwartz was too overpowering to give up. The best part of an Anthony Schwartz pick is that he isn’t a high risk pick evident to the fact that he’s a fourth round pick here and projected as a fifth rounder. It’s a low risk high reward situation. 

Anthony Schwartz doesn’t have the route running capabilities of other WRs in his class or huge size to catch amazing jump balls. His upside is his speed running the fasted 40 time this year of all players clocking in at 4.26 40 time. He has range to run long distances and a great sense of being able to just go for the big play. The obvious reason to pick Anthony Schwartz is to pair him with Justin Herbert who has an elite level arm strength. Granted we do have speed on the team however Anthony Schwartz takes the roof off the top of defenses and is so hard to give up. Even if he doesn’t catch the long ball he has the ability to get other receivers open due in part of the respect he commands from defenses because of his speed. 

Anthony Schwartz in my opinion is a home run player who could see an immediate impact from the start. Pair him with a young rising star in Justin Herbert and you have one of the better dynamic duos in the NFL. 

Pick 159th overall Trey Hill, IOL GA

With the departures of Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney the Chargers have a huge depth hole at the guard position. I pick Trey Hill to come in and help fill the gap.

Standing at 6’3 330lbs Trey Hill is a monster on the offensive line. He was mostly a center at Georgia but has some experience at the guard position, he is most likely a swing guard in the NFL. He’s able to quickly get off the line and attack nose tackles with speed and leverage and beat them off the line and into specific spaces. He’s more of a zone run type of player who’s able to move with efficiency and get to his specific defender. His versatility is very useful with our needs we don’t know what we will get with Oday Aboushi with him being a one year deal. He provides some sort of comfort to the guard/center position. 

Of course Trey Hill is a developmental player and he is learning from a pretty experienced line with Feiler and Linsley. His two way ability shows versatility in his game and would provide the Chargers stability at depth in the interior offensive line. 

Pick 185 overall Khalil Herbert, RB VT.

No I did not take Khalil Herbert for the meme of it. I also didn’t take Khalil Herbert to replace Joshua Kelley. Khalil Herbert is a RB that could serve in the chargers runningback core. With Kalen Ballage gone and I believe a Justin Jackson departure is upcoming as well

This isn’t a pick to kill Joshua Kelley rather it is a pick to add solid depth to the back core. Herbert could develop into something more than just a later round pick with an improved offensive line. He also carries chemistry with our first round pick Christian Darrisaw. 

Pick 198th overall Garret Wallow, LB TCU.

What an insane and intense player Garret Wallow is. A heavy hitting linebacker who I believe is one of the more slept on players in the draft. He has a hand in almost every aspect of being a linebacker and does it well. 

Whether it is catching down a running back out of the back field or blitzing and killing a QB Garret Wallow is a very sturdy linebacker. The value is greta too at 198th overall. Him converting from DB to LB also helps as it is evident he is able to play in coverage and play well in it. His athletic ability is sound and capable being able to move around and figure out a play with great speed as well. He isn’t your traditional MIKE LB in my opinion but can sort of play all positions of linebacker. A sound blitzer who can come off the edge sometimes or a coverage backer who can cover the TE over the middle. The linebacker core lost two backers this year and we need to start to fortify it more. 

A developmental linebacker who could turn into maybe a rotational player in his rookie year, the sky is the limit when it comes to Garret Wallow. 

Pick 241st overall Tamorrian Terry, WR FSU

Yes I understand that double dipping on WR in this years draft is extremely boneheaded but I think we need to give Justin Herbert the best shot to win. Tamorrian Terry isn’t the type of player to fit what the Chargers want on their roster with him having a troubled career however his talent speaks for himself and I give him a shot. 

He’s a very complicated player because he is able to get the big play but then he drops an easy pass or runs a horrible route. He’s a WR that you want to develop and it developed well he can turn into one of the better WRs on the core. With Justin Herbert I also strongly believe he can be turned into a big time play maker evident to the fact we used two UDFAs and turned them into big play guys. The ideal size and ideal speed for his size standing at 6’4 is that vertical deep threat that we desperately need. The division we play in is filled with players like Terry who can take the top off defenses we need not only speed but just a threat down field. Terry isn’t the most flashy route runner nor does he have solid concrete hands but he can take one to the house and do it frequently. 

A developmental player who with coaching can turn into something big. 

Adam’s perspective

Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern

Hamsah Nasirildeen S FSU

Paulson Adeboo CB Stanford

Tommy Tremble TE Noter Dame

Marvin Wilson DT Florida State

Daelin Hayes DE Noter Dame

Tre Brown CB Oklahoma

Justin Hilliard LB Ohio St

Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M

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