Resign him or let him walk: Michael Davis

Following Rayshawn Jenkins, we have another member of the secondary. Michael Davis is a free agent this year and is considered by many to be one of the most valuable. He is an asset and I would 100% be on board with bringing Davis back. Especially when you consider age and the fact that his 4.3 speed will most likely transition well to a defense that will play man to man more often. I can even imagine Davis potentially taking over the CB1 spot.

Coming into the league as an undrafted free agent cornerback from BYU, Michael Davis has been developing and progressing in each of his seasons. He exceeded my expectations and many other Charger fans expectations. Not a lot of people would of circled Michael Davis as our best corner pre season. In 2020 Michael Davis had a 63.3 PFF (Pro Football Focus) grade. Added with a consistent 62.0 run defense grade, and a 62.9 coverage grade. Although i think he played better than these number indicate. Michael Davis also racked up 3 interceptions and 14 pass deflection’s on 104 targets, which were both career highest. However, he did give up a 60.6 completion percentage for 724 yards. Adding to the negatives, he also let up a first down on an average of his receptions allowed. Michael Davis was decent as a cornerback 2 considering the entire teams struggles. Of course he saw his fair share of bad games or bad plays, but he played excellent down the stretch in their final 4 game winning streak. In total Michael Davis finished 2020 43rd ranked in all corners, per PFF. When you consider his physical asset’s (size, speed), he will likely benefit from having to sit in soft zone 3 type coverages.

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to Michael Davis is his development potential with the new coaching staff. Staley might even let Davis sit on an island against the opposing teams wide receiver while Hayward switches to the opposite side. When you consider his physical assets (size, speed), he will likely benefit from not having to sit in soft zone 3 type coverages.

You could also say Michael Davis being 26 years old helps bring youth in an aging group of players. Another factor that you have to consider is next years contract situation at the cornerback position. Re-signing Davis would bring stability to the position next season as both Hayward and Harris are due to become free agents.

I mentioned earlier he is a younger player in an aging group of corners, add this and being established makes Michael Davis such a valuable asset to the Los Angeles Chargers defensive unit and overall team. Especially when you consider the years spent developing a talent who is now about to enter his prime years.

Onto the contract questions, how much will he cost? Valuations are scattered but I would roughly estimate 5-7 million dollars per year, on around a 3-4 year contract. According to OTC (Over the cap) it states a scatter plot indicating that Michael Davis is worth 6.4 million dollars. Some of the other cornerbacks who average a salary around there are Bryce Callahan, Jonathan Jones, Denzel Ward, and Buster Skrine. I wouldn’t worry about Michael Davis and his contract. It seems like he won’t cost much, providing stability in cap space. Hopefully we can get a long term contract on Michael Davis.

Now in my opinion there could be other ways to go with Michael Davis. Free agency is a great place to fix some holes if the front office is willing too. Although it may be a smart move unless they want to pony up for William Jackson lol or if you want to believe in fairy tales that Jason Verrett will come back and stay healthy.

In conclusion Michael Davis is definitely worth resigning due to his development. Michael Davis isn’t just a depth piece, he is a key contributor. Just like I said with Rayshawn, I think we haven’t seen the best of Davis yet.

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