Is targeting positions of need through a trade really a good idea?

With the offseason on the horizon the voids have been shown light, we know what we need. A lot of talk has emerged that the Chargers trade for their solutions, is that really an effective solution? 

The cat is out of the bag, it’s an Orlando Brown Jr article. Analysing the trade for Orlando Brown Jr it does seem great for the Chargers on paper, but is it? The real issue comes into the form of draft capital and cap space. Another thing I hear is that Orlando Brown Jr brings in a solution to the offensive line problem, this is true but it isn’t an effective nor efficient one. 

1.  Losing Draft Capital, a big problem for the line. 

The offensive line is not in the best position. If we were to bring in Orlando Brown Jr it would cost a pretty penny, losing draft capital is the last thing this offensive line needs.

Brown put up a total PFF grade of 77.7 overall for the season. 77.8 in pass blocking and 73.3 in run blocking. While this is very respectable and much better than anything the tram had going for them previously , it dosnt exactly warrant the type of notariaty it has received. 

The offensive line needs a total of around three to four new offensive linemen. Trading for 1 particular guy dosnt solve the overall issue. The Chargers can easily draft three offensive linemen as we saw how that helped Miami this past season when they did it last draft. However, with a trade we could lose the chance to not only draft three but good players at best. Being able to put up three offensive linemen rather than one should be the priority for the Los Angeles Chargers. Just because we have a star offensive tackle doesn’t reassure anything. 

Drafting players also make up for so little cap space as well which saves the Chargers so much money. 

2. Cap Space is coming into question.

Orlando Brown Jr is a top tier talent in his respected position. He will command top tier money with the left tackle label. To put into perspective what the top tier money looks like I want to bring Laremy Tunsil into the picture. 

Coming in at a total of 19 million dollar cap hit, Laremy Tunsil is coming in at a hefty price. Of course there is no way to determine what Orlando Brown Jr is commanding in today’s market, but in all likelihood it’ll be big bucks. Now the total contract for Tunsil is 3 years 66 million dollars, a very tough contract to swallow. There’s even a point where Laremy Tunsil is a cap hit of 21 million dollars. Keep in mind also that Tunsil is a higher calibre talent who posted an 85.6 overall pass blocking grade.

The cap implications could be rather big and expensive for the Chargers. In 2022 we see a free agent class among the names of Derwin James (Likelyto pick up his option), Mike Williams, Uchenna Nwosu, Casey Hayward, etc. It would be very limiting for us not only to resign future players but to sign future free agents. 

A hefty price for a premier left tackle who hasn’t proven to be exactly what you would call elite.

3. Young bucks.

Another solution we could try is just to get younger and build a chemistry between the players. Using players in the prime of their careers, while keeping them happy. Also having that many rookie lineman presents you with having a core of young and affordable assets.

Avoiding injuries while staying young should be a factor when rebuilding the offensive line. Of course you want to get the best out of your players, however we have gone through too many injuries. For example Forrest Lamp who showed so much potential but couldn’t stay healthy which lead to a battle for playing time with coach Lynn.

Chemistry is also key, keeping everyone on the same snap is important. Drafting a group of guys that are all of the same age and same draft class creats a certain comrodery. It was noticeable closer to the end of the season there was frustration and a disconnect. It could be lost faith with the coaching staff or just everyone simply wanting the season to be over with. Keeping everyone on the same page is important. 


Drawing a conclusion is rather tough, I think it could work having a trade with Orlando Brown Jr. However we would have to strategically place all of our chess pieces. The solutions are there and overall we can’t go wrong with the offensive line, again if we play our cards right.  

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