Resign him or let him walk: Forrest Lamp

Like I said in my last “resign him or let him walk” article some of these decisions could be tough ones. In the case of Forrest Lamp, its a bit more muddled than “sign or walk”. I myself have been a huge ambassador for Forrest Lamp pretty much since day one. Some say he has not lived up to expectations but the story isn’t so cut and dry. Lamp was drafted 38th overall in the 2017 draft. He had played left tackle at Western Kentucky and was supposed to be the starting left guard as a rookie. Unfortunately a torn ACL in training camp squashed that. It was after that when things started to become strange with his handling/management. Even after he was medically cleared he was never allowed to play because apparently coach Lynn thought it was better to keep Michael Schofield at right guard and Dan Feeney at left guard. Keep in mind also Feeney had been only a right guard in college. Going into the 2019 season when Lamp learned he wasn’t going to be starting again he even requested a trade, which obviously never came to fruition. Later in that season due to injuries Lamp finally was able to start 2 games, however in the second game he got rolled up on from behind and was out for the rest of the season again. In that small sample size Lamp graded out with a 59.8 overall grade according to Pro Football Focus.

Oddly enough in 2020 Lamp finally started the season with a starting role and was able to stay healthy for the duration of the season. What makes this odd is the fact that usually a player drafted this high doesn’t have to wait until year 4 to finally get his shot. Unfortunately, the fella’s over at Pro Football Focus were not so kind to Lamp in what would be his only full year. He finished the year with a 61.3 pass protection grade along with a 42.8 run blocking grade. One has to wonder if his potential ceiling has been stunted by the way his career has been managed by the previous coaching staff. Although, you could choose to look at it like it essentially was just his rookie year. This is where the situation becomes foggy because its really all about how you choose to look at the situation. I will say that typically and historically when an entire unit struggles it becomes difficult to have a good season. Especially so on the offensive and defensive lines.

On one hand I wouldn’t mind giving Lamp a few more years considering his minimal playing time. All though if his potential is stunted then it could just be more of the same. Hard to say what the market value will be with him but I would first propose him with a 1 year prove it deal. Potentially a 2 year for say 3.5 million per year. I, however, would completely understand if they let him walk. Im really torn on this one.

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