Brandon Staley: much more than a defensive mind?

I’ve always believed in being a straight forward person, and if I’m being honest with you, I had to take some time to think about what I was going to write. That’s because this hire caught me a little bit off guard but that’s mainly because I was so sure it would be someone else that I didn’t do my due diligence. So, I had to take some time and read up about Staley and just let it sink in. Once again, if I’m being honest, I actually like the hire.

Brandon Staley will become the third youngest coach in the NFL of all time at the age of 38. As the new defensive coordinator for the Rams this season Staley saw the Rams defense improve from middle of the pack in most statistical areas to the top. The Rams ranked 1st overall in yards allowed and again 1st in points allowed per game. While the scheme they run is very much different than our own (3-4 vs 4-3) his overall philosophy seems to be different than that of Bradley’s.  While Bradley was always very much defensive back oriented Staley’s seemed to be more reliant on the defensive line. Or at least it seemed that way but it’s hard to tell because Staley has only one year of NFL experience as a coordinator. In fact, so far little is known as to who exactly his staff will be and if he wants to change the defensive scheme to a 3-4 or simply leave it as is. Because we only have one sample year to really be able to know what Staley is about it seems to raise a big question mark. Just how good of a coach is Staley? Some of his former players on the Rams have nothing but praise for him. They say he is a player’s coach and very relatable. They also say he is very detail oriented and a bit of a workaholic. This is something the team probably needs if they are going to take advantage of all the talent they have locked up. Seeing as how they are still fresh in a new market this could play key.  

Some have said the hiring of Brandon Staley is a stroke of genius because, well, he might just be one. I mean he came from the Sean Mcvay tree that has fared fairly well so far. However at least 50% of the Chargers fan base wanted an offensive minded coach hired. Well, it just so happens that Staley was not only an offensive player during his playing days at Dayton, he was the quarterback! This is truly the thing that makes this hiring all the more interesting to me. What better way to groom a young quarterback than a former young quarterback?!?! Just for arguments sake let’s say that he is a whiz kid and truly is the next young genius coach from the Mcvay tree. Well then theoretically this would mean he is the person who can finally put all the pieces together on this defense AND the person much needed to keep grooming star rookie quarterback Justin Herbert all in one!  

This truly is a gamble at the head coaching position much like it was when they hired Lynn. Yet it also feels like there is way more potential in upside with this one. Just like with Lynn though there is a lack of experience that may show up in areas unknown until gameday. With Lynn it was personnel decisions and time management that plagued him. Could it be something similar with Staley? To me this is truly the definition of a boom or bust hire. But hey, you don’t get big payouts without some risk involved. All in all, I l think I like the risk.  

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