Keys to victory: Raiders edition part 2

Last time the Chargers faced off against the one eyed pirates it didn’t end as well as we had hoped. The last time they played the Bolts were sabotaged by their special teams play. Badgley missed a Field goal in the first quarter and KJ Hill muffed a punt with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter after the defense got a big stop. This time they face off it will be on a short week on prime time Thursday night football. The best part about a victory here is that the Chargers could be a big factor in spoiling the Raiders playoff hope’s. Here are some ways they could pull it off..

Limiting the big plays through the air:

The Raiders fastest receiver and arguably most dangerous deep threat they have, Henry Ruggs, isn’t playing on Thursday due to being placed on covid reserve. The only reason why I’m not overly celebrating this is the fact that he wasn’t even the one who burned the Chargers last time. Nelson Agohlor and Hunter Renfrow both were able to come up with huge 3rd down completions of 35 yards+. Casey Hayward got caught playing press on Agohlor with no safety help over the top. Upon review of the film, this is the fault of not just Hayward but also Addae who never rotated over to his assignment. Hayward will likely not play this week so a matchup of Michael Davis vs Nelson Agholor seems not only likely but also a better matchup. Also Chris Harris Jr drawing the likes of Hunter Renfrow should in theory be a lock down situation but with the way things have gone for Harris and the Chargers this year nothing is a lock.

Another aspect that might help limit long passes is to switch Rayshawn Jenkins to free safety. He seems to play better there and this could be just a knee jerk reaction but the team seemed to play better when Adderly went down with an injury and Addae and Jenkins were the primary pair. I wouldn’t count of this but could be something to keep an eye on, especially after Addae making that timely interception. He may of just earned himself more playing time.

On the offensive side of things they should just keep doing what they have been doing. With all the Raiders DBs that are going to be out (Arnette & Abram) I wouldn’t be afraid to let things fly. They have of course already been doing so as evidence of Herbert’s tied for league leading 40+ yard touchdown passes.
The name of the game here this week is the Deep ball. This applies to both sides of the ball.

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