Keys to victory: Raiders edition

Keys to victory: Raiders edition

Here we are ladies and gentleman, the one week we all mark down on our calendars as a MUST win. That’s right its Raiders week! Or as I like to call the one eyed butt pirates. Although we all share hate for the Chiefs and Broncos alike, nothing compares to the disdain we have for obnoxious Raiders fans. We all know Raiders fans personally. They are our neighbors, our relatives, or even coworkers. It’s almost as if when you don the silver and black it brings you super powers of being extra obnoxious. Bragging over rings that were won in the mid 80’s and never being able to have a rational conversation about each other’s teams without their biased unanalytical remarks. I can live with barely letting a win against the defending super bowl champs slip away in overtime. We all had a long week displeased with how the donkey’s beat us on the last play as time expired. Please dear football gods, please don’t make us have to live with a home loss to the Raiders! So here is how they can pull off beating the arch rival Raiders.

Don’t allow anything over the top:

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – SEPTEMBER 13: Henry Ruggs III #11 of the Las Vegas Raiders runs after a catch against the Carolina Panthers during the first quarter at Bank of America Stadium on September 13, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

All year long free safety Nasir Adderly has really struggled and while the majority of the time is spent in single high safety formations that has proven to be a killer. Well that’s not exactly a good combination when facing a team that has a wide out as fast as Henry Ruggs and a crafty slot guy like Hunter Renfrow. While Ruggs hasn’t been very impressive in the stat sheet but he can take the top off the defense if you let him like we saw in the Kansas City game. Nasir Adderly needs to really be on his game Sunday as he will need to start showing up at some point this season. I’ve gone back and watched tape thinking maybe he was getting blamed for things not his fault and to my surprise I found even more blown coverage’s by him than I even saw the first time. Nas has just a 46.3 coverage grade along with a 44.4 overall defensive grade. Quite frankly I’m surprised it’s even that high at this point. Renfrow is a guy who will draw a very favorable match up this week against the Chargers new starting slot corner Tevaughn Campbell. Campbell has 54 total snaps accounted for this year and hasn’t deflected a single pass all year long. The Canadian product has a defensive grade of just 44.5. It’s safe to say that Campbell isn’t NFL caliber and that certainly doesn’t bode well for him considering he is going up against a guy who seems to come up clutch more often than not in Renfrow.

Running the ball successfully:

The Raiders rank just 28th overall against the run so this could be a weak spot to expose. However over the last four games they have really pulled it together in that department as they haven’t allowed any running back more than 66 yards in that span. None the less they should still put them to the test especially considering that Baluga and Turner are now both healthy. Running the ball should be priority in order to control the clock and help keep the defense off the field as much as possible. If the team has to run the ball 35 times then so be it.

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