UDFA with the best chance to make the roster part 2

UDFA with the best chance to make the roster

As a continuation of taking a look into which undrafted free agent rookies can potentially make the team, one has to wonder if they are asking the wrong questions. It may not be a matter of which UDFA makes the team but rather how many, especially considering the extenuating circumstances. The top candidates that I’m singling out don’t become any less impressive in the second half of the list. All prospects continue to not only fill would be needs but also offer massive upside upon further development. I would say it’s a safe bet to say the long history that the Chargers have with UDFA’s will continue. Here is a look at the next two candidates.

Offensive tackle Ryan Roberts Florida State :

Yet another FSU product at a much needed position for the Chargers is Ryan Roberts. Previously at Northern Illinois where he started 11 games between 2017 and 2018 but managed to play in 36 games total. He helped the team win a MAC conference championship in 2018 along with multiple other bowl game appearances they years before. He then redshirted as a senior so that he could go against stiffer competition in the ACC. He started 12 games at right tackle and one at left during a bowl game. During his season at Florida State he helped running back Cam Akers put up impressive numbers along with allowing his quarterback almost 10 yards per play. How much of that is a collective group effort compared to his pure talent is yet to be seen. He is considered more of a run blocking specialist so he could also be a move to guard candidate.

Defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko LSU :

Fehoko started his college career at Texas Tech before transferring to Death Valley in Louisiana. While at tech he started all 25 possible games collecting 46 tackles, 2 sacks, 7.5 for a loss, and a single interception. He was even honorable mention as a freshman for all big 12 honors. After sitting out a year after transferring due to NCAA rules Fehoko then played in 8 games as a junior and unfortunately missed four games due to injury. In the 8 games he did play he started 6 of them at defensive tackle and 2 of them at defensive end.  In those 8 games he collected 16 total tackles, 3 for a loss, and 1.5 sacks. During his final season at LSU he served as more of a rotational player in a very stacked defense that would eventually become national champions. What I find most interesting about Fehoko is that he has experience playing in almost every type of assignment that could be possibly asked of him up front. He has experience in a 4-3 front and 3-4. He has played as a 3 tech, zero tech, 5 tech, and even head up defensive tackle. During his last year at LSU he saw a lot of his snaps come in the “Bear front” which I have predicted the Chargers will utilize more during the next season in a previous post on my instagram page. This type of versatility up front is similar to Damion Square. The guy might very well be the strongest interior defender on the team instantly as it is said that he puts up more than 40 reps on the bench of 225 on a regular basis. This is something that would be much welcomed after watching first round pick Jerry Tillery get pushed around like a scrub by opposing offensive lineman. Not just that but Breiden brings something that general manager Tom Telesco loves so much and that great locker room presence. He is known for teaching his teammates the Haka dance. His family was even doing it as a collective group while entering the stadium while firing up all the fans in the process.

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