5 bold draft predictions

  1. The Chargers will not take a QB with the #6 pick.

Had to start things off with a bang, right? It’s likely that one of either Herbert or Tua will be available at 6, along with Jordan Love. Tua carries his fair share of injury concerns. Herbert has inconsistency issues and Love is the ultimate wildcard. A team that is ready to win now, such as the Chargers, may not want to risk taking a Quarterback at 6 when they can add a true playmaker at 6 such as Simmons or an offensive tackle. 

2.The Chargers make at least 2 trade ups/downs. 

Trading picks is not one of Telesco’s draft tendencies. However, I do expect him to make at least 2 trades in the draft. If the Chargers have their eye on a possible QB of the future that would be a reach at 6 (ex. Love, Hurts, Gordon), they won’t want to wait until their next pick to acquire their possible QB of the future. I also believe that with such a high pick and loaded class at the wide receiver position, they may want to trade down to acquire ammunition to double-dip at the position. This is not too bold considering that both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams will be free agents after the upcoming season.  

3.A WR will not be taken in the first two days. 

Although there are many fan favorites at the wide receiver position who will be available in the first 3 rounds, I believe the Chargers will wait until day 3 to address the position. With so much depth this year, I believe the Chargers will be able to find potential starters late in the draft. 

4.The Chargers will end up with less draft picks than the original 7 they had. 

If the Chargers choose to be aggressive in their pursuit of finding a franchise quarterback in the draft, regardless of what round they hope to trade up in, this could require multiple later round picks. In a trade down scenario, I could see the Chargers trading a later round pick for possibly a 6th or 7th rounder. I do however believe that the cost to trade up in the early rounds will leave the Chargers with less picks than they started with in the draft. 

5.The Chargers will not draft a RB. 

I believe the Chargers are very high on Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson as a rushing tandem and recent reports have solidified that theory. With the departure of Derek Watt, the Chargers lack a true power back who can fill the need at fullback. With Telesco’s success of finding late round/undrafted backs (Austin Ekeler- Undrafted, Justin Jackson- 7th round), I believe a running back will not be taken in the draft. The running back position is far less valuable than it was previously and Telesco seems to understand that. It seems that more and more undrafted running backs seem to over perform every year and with Telesco’s luck finding undrafted gems, I believe Telesco will not draft a running back.  

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