Re-sign him or let him walk: Adrian Philips

Re-Sign or Let Walk: Adrian Philips

By: Adam Sadigh

Next up in our re-sign or let walk series, is safety/linebacker Adrian Philips. In 2014, Philips entered the league as an undrafted free agent. Since then, Philips has been cut and re-signed by the Chargers countless times. Through hard work and determination, he found a way to stick on the roster in 2016 (starting 6 games). Coming off of what seemed like a breakout season (1st team all pro and pro bowl special teamer, as well as the perfect hybrid safety/linebacker for Gus Bradley’s system), Philips was put on IR after suffering a broken arm in week 2. With Rayshawn Jenkins stepping in for Philips and showing promise, exciting rookie Nasir Adderley coming back from injury for his sophomore season, as well as the possibility of the Chargers adding linebacker depth through the draft and free agency, let’s get into whether or not it would be in the Chargers’ best interests to re-sign the fan-favorite. 

I’m going to go ahead and skip the pros and cons for this article because in this situation, I think the answer is quite simple. If he can be signed for the right price (somewhere around the same range he played this year, $2mil), I think the Chargers would be foolish not to bring Philips back. Although, last year it seemed as though Philips was looking for a large contract. His one year prove-it contract, didn’t show otherwise. 

Here are a few reasons why I believe Philips should be back:

  1. His price should be in the same ballpark as the last contract he signed. This is due to his injury last year. With last season being his prove-it year, Philips could not afford to get injured. Unfortunately, he did, decreasing his market price. 
  2. The Chargers depth is shaky. We all remember Roderick Teamer starting. Until Teamer is more mature and learns his coverage assignments, we shouldn’t consider him as a viable option as of now. However i’m not doubting his ability to grow and progress.
  3. With Thomas Davis getting cut, a veteran presence is missing at linebacker. It’s evident that the team wants to get younger and more athletic at the position, with linebackers who can cover. If there was a veteran presence to lead the linebackers of the future for the Chargers, Philips would be the man considering the fact that he started the movement on the team.

In my opinion, the chances of Philips getting re-signed are higher this off-season than they were last off-season.

From a diffrent perspective:

From Zach Adams

Adrian Philips is a player to be liked and to be respected no doubt. His ability and mentality mixed with sure will power has lead him to this point and my hat is off to him. However this is a business and it just so happens that looking forward into next off-season the Chargers will have a lot of big contracts to dish out so it’s best to start penny pinching now.

Heading into the 2018 season, in which the team went 12-4, Philips always was nothing more than depth and a locker room presence. In fact To start the season Kyzir White not only won the weak side linebacker job he also handled the same role that gained Philips notariaty later in the season. That role is a hybrid dime package linebacker/safety. Kyzir being a a converted safety himself excelled at the role and even did a better job of it than AP himself. Unfortunately Kyzir was hurt and ultimately lost for the season at the end of week 3 against the Rams where Philips eventually took over.

Here are a few reason’s the team should let him walk other than saving money.

  1. There are 3 player’s already on the roster who i believe could do the same role just as well if not better. Those players are Kyzir White, Drue Tranquill, and Rayshawn Jenkins.
  2. The team already has 4 safeties on the roster ( 6 if you include White & Tranquill who are converted) along with 6 linebackers.
  3. The team has a couple other all pro calibre special teams player which is what Philips hangs his hat on.

With all these things considered i think its in the teams best interest to let him walk. In a perfect world we could keep our favourite players around forever but that’s just not realistic and its time to cut the cord.

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