To Stick or not to Stick

To Stick or Not to Stick

By: Adam Sadigh

The state of the Chargers’ quarterback situation is a popular topic of debate. Some believe we should resign Rivers for one last ride before our bolo tied hero rides off into the sunset. Others believe the Chargers should find their QB for the season/future through the draft or free agency. With the ridiculous rumors of the Chargers targeting the legendary quarterback Tom Brady in free agency, I’m here to present another unpopular and for the most part unlikely scenario that should be considered. 

The Chargers should play next season with the two quarterbacks on their roster at this very moment. Yes, that means Tyrod Taylor and 5th round pick, Easton Stick. Before you click away, here me out. Most fans agree that we are a few filled holes away from being serious Superbowl contenders. By avoiding drafting a quarterback in the draft (which is offensive tackle, wide receiver, and running back deep) and avoiding spending big bucks on a free agent quarterback, we can address the major holes on our roster.

  • Now, how can the Chargers find success by only having Easton Stick and Tyrod Taylor on the roster? This is where the coaching staff is going to have to get a little creative. I believe Easton Stick can be a similar type of player for the Chargers  that Taysom Hill is for the Saints. I think he can provide big plays in the passing game as well as the running game. In 4 preseason games, he has been an up and down player. In the passing game, he really looked like a rookie: (27/46, 244 yards, 1 touchdown, and 4 interceptions). In the running game, he showed the ability to extend plays and turn what should have been losses, into big gains: (5 attempts, 63 yards, and touchdown). His passing isn’t as gloomy as his stats make it seem. He steps up really well in the pocket, which is something that a lot of top prospects have trouble doing. As for the turnovers, that’s going to improve with experience. He’s a proven winner: (winning 54 out of the 59 games he played in 4 seasons at North Dakota State University, college of former #2 overall pick Carson Wentz). He also had the stats to back it up: (He completed 61% of the 980 passes he attempted for 8,693 yards, 88 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions). He proved to be a rushing threat as well: (427 rushes for 2,523 yards and 41 touchdowns). As for Tyrod Taylor, I believe he is a safe enough player not to get the team into a lot of bad situations with turnovers. With all the offensive weapons the Chargers will have on offense next season, (Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry (assuming he is resigned)) the quarterback next season will not have to play hero ball, especially if the offensive line is addressed. As Easton Stick gets more used to the game speed of the NFL, he can be incorporated more into the game plan. A quarter into the season, Stick should have full control over the offense. By the end of the season, the coaches and fans will know if Stick is the Chargers’ quarterback of the future. If he is, then the Chargers will look like geniuses for realizing his talent. If he ends up disappointing, the Chargers will be in prime position in the 2021 draft to select Trevor Lawrence (arguably a better prospect than than any QB in the 2020 draft).


Yes, actually I do and I know it sounds crazy. Think about it though. Before this year, did anyone really think Joe Burrow was going to be anything more than a mid round pick at best? Now he’s probably going before the guy who was a favorite to go #1 (Tua). The year before that, did anyone think Kyler Murray was actually going to declare after being drafted by an MLB team? He went #1 to a team that drafted a QB in the first round a year before. The year before that, if I told you that Baker Mayfield was going #1 overall, over guys like the mechanical stud Josh Rosen, playmaker Sam Darnold, all talent Josh Allen, and current season MVP front-runner Lamar Jackson, you would be convinced that I were a regular at the local mental hospital. Bad seasons happen. Injuries happen. Great seasons from underdogs happen. Terrible picks from front offices happen. Trevor Lawrence may not slide in the draft, but don’t be surprised if he does. History is not on his side, and that should make Chargers fans very hopeful. Regardless of a slide or not the Chargers should be willing to pull the trigger on trading away what it would take to obtain that pick should they find themselves in this particular scenario.

Keep in mind that this is an extremely unlikely scenario that can change the franchise, regardless of if the quarterback of the future is Easton Stick or Trevor Lawrence.

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