Week 10 analysis: Divisional disappointment

Week 10 analysis: Divisional disappointment

Wow that was embarrassing. Well more specifically Philip Rivers and the incumbent offensive tackles were embarrassing. Just as fast as the line seemed to improve with the return of Russell Okung it seemed to regress almost even faster after Okung left after the first drive of the game. With Trey Pipkins and Trent Scott playing left and right tackle together at the same time the Chargers offensive line may in fact be the worst in the NFL. I would say the 15 hits and 5 sacks Rivers took on Thursday night was clearly evident of this. Is it possible that the team could actually be better off with Sam Tevi at right tackle? I would dare say yes because Trent Scott may be absolute rock bottom. I would have a hard time believing he is on the roster next year. Pipkins on the other hand is a third round rookie so will be given the luxury of time to develop. Either way this team needs an overhaul at the position. Ideally it would make for a quick turnaround if the team drafted an offensive tackle high in the first round and possibly even signing another free agent lineman to go with it. For a break down and glimpse of offensive tackles in this year’s upcoming draft be on the lookout for my Chargers draft targets coming soon.

As for Philip Rivers this might be his worst game that I can remember in a long time. Yet by some crazy twist of fate he still leads the league in passing yards. Now usually I’m a huge Rivers supporter and still am. The fact remains that a quarterback along with any other position player can’t be perfect every day. Rivers simply did not have it on Thursday night. Some may blame the offensive line and rightfully so yet I saw far too many terrible throws to not say that Rivers needs to be held responsible as much as the offensive line. Ultimately the defense only gave up 16 points. Rivers first two interceptions directly resulted to the first 10 points the Raiders had put on the board. Even worst was they both came on throws that were severely overthrown towards the direction of a wide open receiver when the offense was getting close to scoring. Moral of the story is that is if something isnt working for your offense on a particular day then do not force it. The team controlled the clock well and the run was working instead they kept trying to force the pass.

The defense did play well even though they struggled to stop the run at times down the stretch. However when a defense only gives up 16 points in a game you expect the offense to outscore the opposition. Now this week I’m not going to bother breaking down certain individual plays or go into player grades or stats. Partly is I want to forget the game as quickly as possible and partly because I am holding out hope that if the Chargers can come up with a big win on Monday night that the team can still find a way to make this season work.

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