Let him walk or re-sign him: Artavis Scott


Let him walk or re-sign him: Artavis Scott


After explaining why the team should let Tyrell Williams walk, it makes the case for keeping Artavis Scott a little easier. Keeping Williams or not, it should be abundantly apparent to keep Scott. The potential Scott has is dripping and oozing just waiting to break on the scene and show the world. Scott has yet to play in a single NFL game other than preseason. Signed as an undrafted free agent out of the national champion Clemson team, Scott has been criticized for his height and lack of straight away speed otherwise he might have been drafted around the fourth or fifth round. Year in and year out young players often get criticized for the same things, especially at the wide receiver position. Yet more and more around the league you are starting see undersized slot receiver’s becoming utilized heavily.


Standing at five foot ten inches and one hundred and ninety pounds, he is considered too short. Scott ran a 4.61 second forty yard dash which is considered too slow to get open consistently at the next level, yet every Charger fan knows that the same exact knock was used against Keenan Allen coming out of college. We all know how that played out, as Allen has since become a premier wide out. As a matter of a fact there are at least one or two guys on every roster that was dubbed too slow that excel. Even though Scott has never shown to be a proven commodity in an official game he has done nothing less than wow everyone in practice and pre-season games. In fact if not for the unfortunate injury he suffered during the final pre-season game this year he would have been a lock to make the roster.  I have personally witnessed day in and day out during pre-season practices for two years in a row just how great a route runner Artavis Scott truly is. What he lacks in straight away speed he does more than make up for in his agility and smooth quickness while breaking down his hip’s, resulting in very sudden change of direction. Almost every route he runs is sharp and quick allowing him to get open even against some of the best corners in the league. While the New Orleans Saints where in town to share a week of practice with the Chargers in Costa Mesa, Scott torched Marshon Lattimore twice in one on one drill’s along with several others in seven on seven drills. Just for reference in regards to my argument that his agility over comes straight away speed, Marshon Lattimore posted a 4.35 forty yard dash. I truly believe Scott has what it takes to be an Emmaunal Sanders type receiver. Not only is he a great receiver but also capable of returning kicks. Having a reliable back up kick returner would also afford the team the luxury of being able to cut Travis Benjamin. By electing to do so it would save the team five in a half million dollars against the cap. This would result in leaving more money to spend on upgrades in free agency. I have no doubt that  Scott is not only capable of filling the void left by Benjamin if he is indeed cut, but would also prove to be an upgrade regardless of being much slower. I would not hesitate to give Scott a two year deal with even possibly a third year option.

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