Let him walk or re-sign him: Jason Verrett

Sep 17, 2017; Carson, CA, USA; Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett (22) looks on prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins at StubHub Center. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago win Jason Verrett was supposed to be the savoir at the corner back position. Let there be no mistake about when Jason Verrett is healthy and on the field he is one of the best cover corners in the entire NFL. He’s one of the most fluid loose hipped and agile corners there is. However there lies the problem , he is hardly ever healthy or on the field. In fact he even had injury concerns before the draft coming out of College at TCU. Verrett still seems to hold a place in a majority of fans heart still comma as even to this day fans keep saying “wait until Verrett is healthy again and we get him back!” Yet i am not one to share the same sentiment.


I believe that this time around with this particular injury there is simply too much to over come. A ruptured Achilles tendon is something that will permanently hinder and effect Verretts best quality, and that’s his agility and speed. Hell it might even effect his vertical as well.  This isn’t the only factor as one must take into consideration that he has nearly 3 full season of missed time and rust to knock off.  That alone is its own mountain to over come let alone compiled with significant injuries. One has to wonder, will he still have the 4.38 speed? or the 39 inch vertical? An Achilles injury worries me much more than a torn MCL, which he also suffered in the past. Think about what a Corner does, if you can no longer plant and change direction without hesitation or the same type of fluidity then yiu are doing a disservice to not only one’s self but also the team. Now one could also argue the opposite side and say that he was so much more athletic and fluid than almost everybody else so even if you die all that back a notch he will still be just as fast as most receivers. All of this is understandably so. So far in this series of ” let him walk or re- sign him” I have given a straightforward answer about every player thus far. Yet Jason Verrett seems to have me on the fence and indecisive. If the team so chooses to let him walk and go elsewhere there is no part of me that could be upset about it as I would understand in every way shape and form as to why the organisation came to this decision. However on the flip side, if the team did decide to resign him I would be satisfied as long as he takes a substantial pay cut. His pay was 8.5 million dollars this year. If he is willing to take a one-year “prove it” deal that is financially heavily incentive based then I would be all for it. In fact even if he goes to another team it is more than likely he will have to take a deal similar to this no matter his next destination. He is one player with a hell of an upside to keep around on such a deal like this and considering the type of contract he will have to accept he might as well stay put.

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