Let him walk or re-sign him : Tyrell Williams

Let him walk or re-sign him : Tyrell Williams


Most fans really like Tyrell Williams and I can understand why. He is big (6’4”) and fast (4.4 40 yard dash) something everyone loves to see in an NFL receiver. Heck he is even a likeable because of his underdog status as he was an undrafted free agent out of Western Oregon. The team has spent the last four seasons developing Williams and he has earned a place in a lot of the Charger fans hearts. However the fact remains that despite his height and his straight away speed, Williams is fairly one dimensional. When I watch Williams I see a guy who is not a very good route runner. He tends to round off all edges on his breaks. This allows the corner to gain the extra step he may or may not have lost because of Williams speed off the line of scrimmage. I know the coaching staff feels the same way as they limit him to simplistic routes. Have you ever noticed or wondered why he only seems to run short drag routes across the middle or deep post from the inside hash mark? Those are two of the easiest routes for a receiver to run as they don’t require much more than small and simple shifts or movements.  One could argue that route running is a skill that can be developed and I would agree, yet I don’t see him improving on that area enough to make a difference. This however is not his only flaw. Despite his height he seems to lack the ability to locate the ball at the point of attack. He rarely wins 50/50 balls or even on any situation that he isn’t wide open.


With all these things considered you also have to factor in and think about what type of money he will demand. This season Williams made 2.9 million dollars. The market value for a guy like Williams considering his production level and stature would be around 8 million. He seems to be a easy going guy and would likely negotiate low in order to stay with the team. Even if he negotiates low he will likely command between five or six million per year on a two year minimum deal. If he goes to another team he could land a three year deal at 7 plus million a year. I would say let him walk. Possibly even cut Travis Benjamin on top of that and go after a proper well rounded slot weapon.

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