Should the Chargers consider bringing in Dan Bailey?

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Should the Chargers bring in Dan Bailey for kicking duties?


When the offseason began there where several area’s that most fan’s wanted to see addressed, and most where unanimous on what they wanted. Everyone wanted and knew they needed another safety which they addressed in a big way. They also wanted to see an upgrade of some sort along the offensive line. Enter pro bowl center Mike Pouncey via free agency. The need for help against the run was needed and also addressed in Justin Jones being selected in the third round of the draft. To what extent he will help has yet to be seen is unknown at this point due to the fact he suffered an ankle injury limited him in pre-season. Although he did receive high praise leading up to the injury. Most also wanted to see a young and competent quarterback to be brought in to learn and groom to take the reins after the departure of Phillip Rivers, yet again that didn’t happen but that’s neither here nor there in regards to this season. One need and probably most obvious glaring need was the kicker position.


The team and general manager Tom Telesco brought in Caleb Sturgis and Roberto Aguayo to compete for the starting job. The question still looms large however, did they really and properly address this need? This was the most obvious need that almost solely kept them out of the playoffs.  This is apposition that often gets overlooked and unappreciated, yet as every Charger fan knows this can be a big and sometimes deciding factor in a game. With that being said many had highlighted the kicker position as one of the more watched and anticipated camp battles of the pre-season. To all experts and fans dismay, this position battle was very anti climatic to say the least. Both kickers had a very limited amount of opportunities during the actual pre-season games.  The amount of rep’s given during practice is not important to me as this does emulate real game nerves or situations. Sturgis ultimately won the job in name but yet it was hard to say who really won after lack luster competition.


Enter newly released Dan Bailey. The Dallas Cowboys decided to release their long time kicker and are going with a young unproven kicker. While Dan Bailey hasn’t been the most phenomenal kicker, he has been consistent enough to warrant consideration to bring in. The 30 year old has a career field completion percentage of 88.2 overall.  It’s also of note that he kicked for 95.5 % from 39 yards and under along with an 88% completion from 40-49 yards. Beyond 50 however the percentage drops quite a bit to a 67.5 accuracy percent. I’m not quite sure this would be the smartest move but seems like a logical move to consider. At the very least if he remains available if Sturgis starts the season off struggling, Bailey could turn out to be a first go to option.  What is your opinion? Would you like to see the team bring in Bailey now or to play the wait and see approach?

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