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The rest of the AFC divisional predictions


After evaluating my predictions for the AFC west, I will round off the rest of the AFC divisional predictions by doing the other three in one article. There are a few teams who I think will be a last to first place team and vice versa. It’s my belief that people need to be talking about Houston more so then they are. Certain divisions such as the AFC East will more than likely end up much of the same as no team seems strong enough to challenge the empire that is the New England Patriots. In the North many questions remain for most teams other than Pittsburgh. Is it possible the Playoff picture we have a fresh look to it in the new season?


AFC South

  • Houston Texans
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Indianapolis Colts

Last season the NFL got a glimpse of just how good Deshaun Watson can be. Unfortunately he suffered a freak ACL tear in practice in a non-contact drill. With the young pheanom staying healthy along with the additions of Tyran Mathieu and a healthy JJ Watt this team could flip the script and go from last to first and that’s exactly what I’m planning on. A lot of people will be shocked to see that I have Jacksonville at 3rd place considering they made the conference finals last year. The defense is the strong point in the self-proclaimed “sacksonville” but Blake Brotels played over his head last year and I’m really just going off the fact that I think it will be more of a battle to repeat the same type of success as last year. More so I just think that Houston and Tennessee will take that next step. In speaking about the Titans I just believe that the arrival of legendary Patriots linebacker Mike Vrable as new head coach will make its impact. I have no doubt this defense will be much better as all of the off season splash moves were made on that side of the ball (great defensive players in the draft & Malcom Butler). I also think Derick Henry being the primary back will improve the consistency of this offense. When it comes to the case of the Colt’s well let’s just be honest, it’s all an uphill battle. Your so called franchise quarterback has barley started throwing a football for the first time in 2 years and the defense is absolutely terrible.


AFC North

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Cincinnati Bengals

Although trading Martavis Bryant was a bit of a head scratcher I would assume it was a decision based on locker room cohesiveness. That being said I think the Steelers take this division yet again as there is simply too much talent on this team for the rest of the division to overcome. Even though I will be the first to admit that things feel as if they are becoming stale between the head coach and Quarterback. Baltimore I think will be improved but I don’t look for Lamar Jackson to get any playing time during his rookie campaign. They added Crabtree, yet I have never thought to highly of him so I may be biased. The defense is still probably top 10 yet the offense has much to prove.  I don’t know what to say about pro football in the state of Ohio other than I know there are many high hopes for browns fans and I must say it’s justifiably so with the slew of impressive moves the franchise has made. I love Baker Mayfield and yet let’s be honest…..this team still has a lot of room to improve even though the offense could wind up being on par. Meanwhile in the other part of the state where Bengals fans reside I need but only say one thing! As long as your quarterback, Marvin Lewis as your head coach, and a bunch of trouble makers on defense then you will never go anywhere.


AFC East

  • New England Patriots
  • Buffalo Bills
  • New York Jets
  • Miami Dolphins

First and for most let me state that in no way will anyone challenge seriously the top spot in this division. Not only has the team made two of the most underrated off-season moves this off-season in my opinion but it’s also the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era still. Those two underrated moves that I think will continue to carry this team is that of running back Jeremy Hill and wide receiver Jordan Mathews. Miami has done nothing but lose their two best offensive talents (Landry & Ajayi) along with the team’s best defensive player (Suh) and has done little to replace them. The Jets have much to be hopeful for moving forward with a new quarterback at the helm along with a gritty defense. I highly doubt they have enough to compete right away but may be a strong off-season or two away from competing. When it comes to Buffalo I really like what they are capable of on defense however AJ Mcarron is to big of a question mark to know what he will bring to the table. Also shady McCoy may find himself in legal trouble so it’s hard to say how the offense will look.

Next to come will be the entire National Football Conference.


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