Roster predictions : Tony Brown


Roster spot predictions: Tony Brown


In the final of a trilogy of predictions regarding roster spots I have had trouble settling on the 3rd and final player. After the sudden injury to tight end Hunter Henry I seriously considered making the selection of undrafted free agent Ben Johnson. While there is suddenly a tight end spot up in the air I believe Sean Culklin will emerge as a big sleeper this year. While he may still very well earn the 3rd tight end roster spot I decided to go with my original thought pre injury and that is Tony Brown from Alabama.


Brown who is also a undrafted rookie will join a crowded and talented cornerback group. The only player he will have a chance to be out in order to make the roster would be Michael Davis who was a last years undrafted to make the roster along with running back Austin Eckler. While Davis showed flashes of potential he also was very streaky. Both Brown and Davis possess great speed recording a 4.3 second 40 yard dash.  While the height goes in favor in Davis at 6’2’’ while Brown is at 6’0’’. Where brown stands out is his aggressiveness in the run game. You can tell this guy relishes hitting and this could inspire a move to safety but I think they will try him at corner for now. One of the biggest knock on him is that he has tight hips and doesn’t quit turn and break as quickly as he should which is a bit surprising considering his speed. Only proves that quick twitch agility is much different than straight away speed. This could also be an unwarranted knock against him considering this happens often during a process in which scouts over evaluate and nit-pick players. In fact Trevor Williams how was an absolute surprise last year had similar knocks against him. It could be that he just needed a few years to develop or could be that defensive backs absolutely flourish in Gus Bradley’s system. If anyone can get Tony brown to reach his potential it’s him. Brown was a five star recruit coming out of high school and ultimately landed at the power house known as Alabama. Taking on board what he has learned from Nick Sabben and now what he will learn from Bradley, I’m excited to see what Brown can do. Not to mention being surrounded by world class corners.

Even if Brown ends up the number 5 corner on the depth chart, what will really help his cause is through special teams. This is such the case for all undrafted free agents. Seeing as how he is aggressive when it comes to tackling and his straight away speed I can see him becoming a rather good outside gunner on the kick off team. When most fans think of team needs this position rarely comes to mind however proves more valuable than most would think.  Whether or not he beats out Michael Davis or not I believe the potential will be enough to keep him on the practice squad. For argument sake I say he makes the roster though. As preseason starts to pick up i will report progress on all my predictions and players.

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