The best Defensive fit come true!!!


First round pick is a dream come true!


Going into the draft there was much made of the defense being addressed. Last year the organization brought in new/great defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. The creator of the so called legion of boom! The team switched from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 mostly single high safety and the results couldn’t have been better! If not for problems at the kicker position they would have been a shoe in for the playoffs. Gus Bradley was brought in on a one year deal and was signed to a 3 year extension for good reason. My guess is part of the willingness to re-sign wasn’t all location, rather the behind closed door promise they would allow him to buil the best defense in football. With the team being set at pass rush positions and cover corners what could be left to replicate the legion of boom and or team Bradley built in Jacksonville? That would be safety! The position the team has lacked since the departure of Eric Weedle and possible even before that. What better way to have a carbon copy of that type of defensive success than to add a Kam Chancellor jr!?!? This guy along with Roquon Smith Where my top two options but never did I think either one of them would make it out of the top 10.

Derwin James will make this defense a top 3 defense hands down as he kills two birds with one stone. He is highly regarded as a hybrid player of linebacker/safety, both needs of the Chargers. My guess is on first and second down he will be a safety, and on 3rd down he will serve as a coverage linebacker. Whether he will serve as a deep free safety, which he certainly has the speed for, or his natural fit strong safety is yet to be seen. If he is going to play strong safety then it pushes Jahleel Addae to free safety. Worst case scenario you could even keep him as a “SAM” linebacker as he has the Coverage skills to shut down tight ends!!!

I said this guy was the best schematic fit for our defense, however never did I think he would be available at pick number 17. Get the hype train rollin!!!! As you can see he is truly a do it all safety.




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