Next big sleeper quarterback??

Mar 3, 2018; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Richmond Spiders quarterback Kyle Lauletta throws a pass during the 2018 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Could Kyle Lauletta be the next unhyped successful quarterback?



Every year there seems to be a player or two that nobody has heard of that turns out to be a great player. At the very least fairly successful. Kyle Lauletta from Richmond could be that player this year. Could he be the next Jimmy Garoppolo? Much like jimmy jesus, nobody heard of him before the senior bowl. Now the hype hast quit raised at a rapid rate the way it did for Jimmy G but it could still turn out to be the case. In one quarter of play at the senior bowl he truly made a name for himself as a blue chip prospect. Make no mistake about it, I am in no way saying he is capable of stepping in and playing right away but could be well worth the developmental project. Given the chance to sit for say 2 years I think he could develop that way. In his one quarter of play he through 3 touchdowns and nearly 200 yards. Earning himself the game MVP. He displayed both perfect touch passes down field and also the ability to fire into tight windows.


So many players have gone onto good to great careers after being relatively unknown. Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Dak Prescott, and I’ll even throw in Case Kennum due to recent success. Im in no way saying he will end up a historic player like Brady or Warner but seeing as how the Bolts don’t need someone to step in for a few years the project could be worth the wait. Lauletta has decent size for the position at 6’3” 215 pounds. While he is not uber athletic he still managed to run a 4.8 40 yard dash at the combine. His decision making skills are on par as he only had 12 interceptions his final year in school along with a 65% completion percentage. Problem is scouts say that at least half those interceptions where not based on decision making but rather a lack of arm strength. His ball velocity rated as average at the combine. Although they also said Peyton Manning didn’t have the arm strength for the NFL and same goes for Brady. What they have in common to make up for arm strength is great ball timing and smooth foot work.


Out of all the Quarterbacks that won’t be drafted in the first round he is still not my top choice as I prefer Mason Rudolph in the second. However I would not be surprised to see Lauletta become the guy I think he can. Especially with the type of opportunity the Bolts provide, and that’s time to develop under the leadership of Phillip Rivers. Lauletta has been said to have a willingness to learn and is a great locker room presence. For the Value he can be had at I say he is worth taking a flyer on. If the draft goes in a way that the team isn’t able to snag a QB of the future in the first 3 rounds then I would pull the trigger on Lauletta in the 4th or 5th. In my opinion the absolute highest he will go is the 3rd round. Who would take a relatively unknown that high?? Cough, cough the Patriots. They did take Jimmy Garopollo in the 2nd round if you remember.


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