Missing Links Introduction

Making a case for possible matches for the Chargers to draft


Missing links is and will be my series during the offseason highlighting prospects in which I believe could fill a team need. Every year every team has a need of some kind or another, no matter how successful or dominate. This could be due to expiring contracts on certain individuals and or injuries, trades, retirements, etc. what I consider a missing link would be someone who could come in and fill an immediate need and make an impact right away. It’s my belief that this new look charger team is only a few pieces away from being dominate. Once again they were competitive in every game weather it was a win or loss. The game against the eagles of course being the exception. The proof is in the pudding. Both teams in the AFC championship game barley beat this year’s chargers team. The prestigious New England Patriots won by 7 on their home turf not necessarily by beating the chargers but rather the chargers beat themselves due to numerous mistakes. Ill note that this game was before the team got on their hot streak and before Denzel Perryman, the teams anchor returned. The following week they lost to Jacksonville , or should I say sacksonville as they are called these days, in overtime. They lost by 3 due to kick that was made by Josh Lambo AKA the kicker the team should have never cut.

This year there are fewer needs than before is past recent years. Kicker being the most obvious as if a few more field goals where made they would of easily had 2-3 more win’s making them a shoe in for the playoffs. The team ranked dead last in kick percentage made. They certainly would have been more competitive than Tennessee or the so called Bills mafia. I have 5 positions that I will address that I myself and many others have identified as areas of weakness or where there is a lack of depth. While many are calling for the team to draft a quarterback of the future I will not list this as a missing link. i indeed would love to see this team draft a quarterback of the future (either one of the QB’s from Oklahoma cough cough) as well however since this said quarterback to be groomed would not play until Phillip Rivers is gone 2-3 years from now this is not considered an immediate need therefore will not be listed as a missing link. I will list the positions of need and do a breakdown of the top targets that could be considered a missing link in individual posts.  It’s my opinion that the players listed will address the weakness and make it a strength.

Defensive Tackle: the only real weakness this defense had was that they had a hard time stopping the run up the middle.


Linebacker: When Denzel Perryman is on the field the difference in this defense is night and day however when he is not healthy the lack of depth shows. This is also a position of need that will directly relate to avoid getting gashed up the middle in the run game, much like defensive tackle.

Safety: This has been a need for a while now and even though the current safeties on the roster aren’t bad they could still use an upgrade. A main stay for the future at this particular position would be a nice change of pace for the Chargers.

Offensive line: While the front office did a great job of shoring up what has been a below average line for a number of years in the past draft by drafting 3 offensive lineman there is still work to be done. 2nd round pick Forrest Lamp never played last year due to pre-season injury. With his healthy return and the addition of one more piece, this line can build on this last season in what was already highly improved. I would love to see what Melvin Gordon can do with great line blocking for him.

Kicker: a well-documented issue all charger fans suffered from all year. As every time the team would attempt a kick I would literally cringe. As a matter of a fact I might even have PTSD from this. In all seriousness this position needs to be addressed above all else.

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