Is Baker Mayfield the perfect prospect for Rivers to Mentor?

Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield (6) throws a pass during a college football game between the Oklahoma Sooners (OU) and the TCU Horned Frogs at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Okla., Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Love him or hate him, baker Mayfield is a fiery guy. Between the crotch grabbing and countless amounts of times he can be seen talking shit, one can’t deny the fire. Some don’t like him for the exact reason and I suppose that’s understandably so.  Who else does this remind you of? That’s right the chargers very own Philip Rivers. NFL fans everywhere who root for any team other than the chargers all say similar things about Rivers. “He is a cry baby” or “he whines too much”.

A personality match made in heaven? Is this a bit of a reach? Sure, however if indeed the organization is looking for a quarterback of the future for rivers to groom it’s worth the reach. Both guys seem to rub most people the wrong way. There is also another side of the spectrum; the side that I myself lean on. The side that says this man is an absolute warrior!! That fiery outspoken attitude wears off on others. It creates a certain mentality and camaraderie that everyone is quite literally fighting for each other. The Type of camaraderie a head coach has wet dreams about. So while some would say he rubs people the wrong way , I say he makes the other 52 guys in the same uniform not only play harder but ready to put everything on the line for him.

Let us not forget the most important factor. This guy has a boat load of talent! Often criticized for lack of arm strength and height, the guy has some of the best accuracy as I myself have ever seen. He proved at the combine that he had the second strongest ball velocity out of all prospects in this year’s class. He also possesses a great turnover rate, which one of the all-important traits to have in order to be successful in the NFL. He seems to have every rout timed out perfectly in his head, thus making up for the so called lack of arm strength. The head fakes he throws in are just enough to get the defense committing to the opposite end in which he intends to throw. Most NFL scouts will also try to criticize the fact that he has what they call “happy feet”. That could easily chalk up as his nitch or nervous tick. In a way similar to Brady standing on his tip toes in the pocket or other quarterbacks tapping the ball before they throw. Plus in my opinion his “happy feet” make him more scramble ready. The likes of Russle Wilson , Carson Wentz, and Aaron Rodgers have proven this to be more than valuable. Not to mention that earlier in the year Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn made a comment saying “the days of the one- dimensional pocket passer are over” and “ if you don’t have a quarterback who can give you some kind of movement, you’ve got a dead offense.” So taking bakers mobility into consideration, I would think the new chargers brass could have a guy like Mayfield in mind.

Now make no mistake about it Baker Mayfield is indeed a project. He won’t be stepping in on day one like a Carson Wentz. Often times quarterbacks who run a spread offense need time to adjust to life in the NFL. He will need to get used to taking snaps from under center. He won’t have the luxury of having play packages to run hurry up offense, the play calling gets more complicated at the next level. Taking all of this into consideration it turns out luck would have it that going to a team like the chargers would provide such an opportunity. Philip Rivers has 2 more years on his contract so whoever is drafted as a project will have a 2 year window to develop. Rivers is all too familiar with this process as he sat behind Drew Brees for 2 years. This would make it easier for Philip to be on the other side of the spectrum. That and the fact that he was raised by a coach and has been coaching his sons team in the offseason. The best part of all this is that the team may be able to stay at pick number 17 to take him, as some expect he will fall in the draft. If not even if they trade up to get him it won’t have to be in the top ten so the haul that would have to be given up to do so won’t be egregious. Some say he may even fall to the second round and even though I find that very unlikely, as I think Miami and or Arizona will try to take him ahead of the Chargers at 17. Miami who has the the 11th pick seem to be ready to move on from Ryan Tannahill. Arizona has the 15th pick and is still without a Quarterback after the retirement of Carson Palmer. Those of you who knock his lack of size, I say to you remember the team has shown a willingness to take a chance on shorter quarterback’s…..they did draft Drew Brees who coincidently also never took snaps from under center in collage.


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